Should I Be Offended?
So, some troll made a burn page for my school and guess who has the honor of being the "school slut"?

Blowjobs and Rejection
Chris Carmack
Seriously, ONTD? What do I have to do to prove that I'm not a robot? Do they want me to add random ass people like the real bots do?

In other news, Thomas is coming over in a half-hour once he gets off from work. Hopefully he just lets me give him a good old blowjob without the bullshit that went down last time.

Update: Okay... what just happened? I just added ONTD without any problem or moderator-madness. Anyway, it's nice to say I'm finally a member to ONTD seeing as they're the damn reason I joined this site.

Can You Smell the Desperation?
Why are high school girls so desperate to be in a relationship?

Thomas treats his girlfriend like shit. It's no secret to anyone. He tells all his friends about the things he did with her (golden showers, facials right before school, etc.) and I'm pretty positive she knows he's cheating on her. They're constantly arguing and he once told her in front of the entire class that she's a terrible fuck. She looks miserable and he looks miserable. He told me once that the only reason he's still with her is because she lets him get away with everything.

I've never been in a relationship and I'm not rushing to get in one either. I just don't understand why girls are looking to settle down at such young ages because it's obvious that high school boys aren't really itching to be in a commitment.

One of the perks of being a slut is that you never misconstrue your relationship with guys.

Same Old, Same Old
James Lafferty
If a few weeks ago someone would've told me I'd be kicking Thomas out of my bed someday, I probably would've said "no shit".

Some fantasies are better left as fantasies...Collapse )

Let's talk about sex, baby!
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3rd Time's a Charm
Come on, ONTD, let me in the secret clubhouse!

Update: Rejected!

Oh No They Didn't Reject Me!
Cam Gigandet = Perfection
ONTD just rejected me. The reasons they might reject me follows:
- Your journal is new.
- You have a pretty much empty user info.
- You have no stats.

That's pretty much me to a tee. ONTD is so lulzie sometimes. Has it ever occurred to them that I created this account just for ONTD? Oh well... I'll just try again next week or something.


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